Benefits of Lawn Sodding

Benefits OF

Lawn sodding

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Lawn sodding offers immediate environmental benefits

Sodding offers a significant range of benefits which contribute to life in urban areas with a positive impression.

An average healthy lawn of 50 square feet provides enough oxygen for a family of four. A well sodded yard cleans the atmosphere by trapping carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen and storing carbon. In addition, breaking down harmful pollutants, enriching the soil, minimizing dust, and helping ground water to recharge.

Sodding offers immediate stabilization of the construction site thereby avoiding significant loss of soil by the wind or water erosion. Sod also enriches the soil and increases soil stability for years to come, and lawns absorb six times more water than bare soil.

A natural grass lawn is much cooler than pavement, grass utilizes transpiration cooling and can lower the temperature by 10-15 degrees. This means you can safely walk in bare feet and kids can play in the yard. Asphalt and cement can be up to 30 degrees warmer than a natural grass lawn. Heat reflects off the grass and cools the environment surrounding. Eight average size lawns can provide the cooling power of approximately 70 tons of air conditioning, that’s more than 20 home air conditioning units.

Sodded turf sites will require irrigation for a shorter period after planting than sites which are seeded. A well-established lawn will need less watering than seeded sites.

A well-sodded lawn provides instant curb appeal. A lush green carpet lawn and well-maintained landscape can increase a home’s value 10 to 15% at an affordable price. Increase your investment value with a sodded lawn.

When establishing a turf with quality sod, there should be no need to apply herbicide for weed control for two to four years. In general, a well-sodded lawn reduces the risk of invasion of weeds with an active growing quality.

Proper sodding has a much higher potential for successful stabilization of the area with turf in sites such as impermeable clays, steep or stony sites, and poorly drained areas.  The risk of failure by seeding is high and may require repeat plantings.

Rats, snakes, mosquitoes tend to use tall plant life for hiding spaces; a mowed lawn discourages these nuisance pests.

Grass reduces glare and helps act as a cushion for sporting activities. Grass has give for joints when involved in recreational activities. Artificial turf is harder on joints with a higher rate of injury, the temperature can get much higher and cause burns, and contains a lot of chemicals that are harmful to players and ground water.

    • – Absorbing air pollutants to filter water naturally
    • – Releasing oxygen
    • – A decrease in weeds results in less pollen which affects allergy sufferers
    • – Pollen allergy control
    • – Noise and glare reduction

For more information about sod benefits, see the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario, you will find us listed as a member under Strathroy Turf Farms.

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