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A&M Sod Supply was established in 1954 and is currently among the oldest sod farms in Canada still owned and operated by family generations. See how we’ve expanded and grown in Southwestern Ontario. 

All sod is sold by the square yard each roll arrives 10 square feet. When the area in square feet is determined divide by 10 and round to next full number to get square yards.

We always add an extra 5% to total for wastage, to do this multiply by 1.05, it’s better to have extra then not enough to finish the job.

For more complex yards it’s best to draw the area and break down into sections or shapes for measurement.

If you prefer to start your project with grass seed we sell our 4 Dimensional sod blend seed by the pound. We deliver grass seed to your location with purchase of sod. 

Through our many years of business we have seen many different types of projects. Call our staff for project planning assistance at 1-888-763-5340.