Our Sod Blend

Sod Blend

We use a premium sod blend with a unique hybrid mix combining new grass seed varieties, each with benefits for the Southwestern Ontario climate and the environment. These grass seeds are genetically developed through university testing to grow more efficiently and high performing.  Kentucky Bluegrass seed is included in the blend.

Strathroy Turf

Why Choose Our 4 Dimensional Sod?

Our premium sod blend is the best chance your lawn has to be successful and healthy in Southwestern Ontario. Our unique blend offers water conservation, less chemicals, less fertilizers, the ability to self repair,  fight weeds and grows in full sun or shade while maintaining an attractive lush green colour. Rigorous testing has developed the optimal sod blend for our area and you get to enjoy the benefits.

University testing concludes our 4 Dimensional blend has superior sod strength, fine lush texture, excellent density, and a beautiful deep colour. If your sodded lawn area will have full sun and shaded areas, this sod blend will flourish and is among the few sods that have been developed to. If your are looking for any of these qualities choose our sod and have it delivered directly where you need it.

These features are based on well established mature lawns to reach water conservation. See our watering schedule page for our suggested new sod watering schedule. Your new sod lawn will be durable in just a few weeks. If you will be installing sod on your own, see our sod installation page. 

Our reputable grass seed supplier is Jacklin Seed Company. Jacklin® is known as the world leader in breeding and production of Kentucky bluegrass varieties.