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Why Our Blend?

If you have decided that seeding your lawn is the best option, we have sod quality grass seed for sale with Kentucky Bluegrass included in the mix of 4 seed types.  

4 Dimensional Seed

Our seed blend is the best seed for the Southwestern Ontario climate. The main features are heat and drought tolerant, an outstanding disease and pest resistance, an appealing dark green colour with vigor to self repair in high traffic areas.

We Sell Seed By The Pound

4 Dimensional seed for sale call for pricing by the pound. Available for delivery with any amount of sod.
Contact our staff for consultation to see if seeding is your best option. Our experts are ready by phone at 1-888-763-5340

Installation and Quality Assurance

Choosing Quality

Sod quality seed goes through several screening processes to remove all weed types and unwanted grass seeds.

This means that it has a much higher standard than the minimum requirement for seed labeling.

Our 4 Dimensional sod seed is not available through retailers as it is a higher grade and standard than other seeds.

Seeding Rate

Kentucky bluegrass is a name  of the grass type that grows in our blend. It is a cool season grass as it grows best in Ontario’s spring & fall.

Be sure to plant 4 Dimensional for a weed fighting lawn.

Seeding rate: Approximately 2 lbs of grass seed is needed per 1,000 sq. ft. of new turf

Watering New Seed

New seed needs extra watering care.


Once wet, each individual seed should not be dried out before germination.


Remember to water your grass seed 3 times a day and move sprinklers if puddles form.


The best time to water grass seed is between 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm for 10 minutes each time.


Hand watering with a hose or watering can is insufficient and will lengthen growing time.


If you are unable to be home during the day, apply water before work and immediately after.


A mulched lawn will help retain moisture throughout the day.


Water the lawn daily until all seed germinates – this can take up to 2 weeks for bluegrass.


The colder the weather, the slower the germination process will take, optimal time is 21-30 days.


Do not mow your lawn until it is 3.5 inches tall. Set your mower height to be 2.5 inches. If the mower is set too low the grass can be damaged.

Mulch Removal

If mulch was used when the seed was placed, remove straw/mulch with a rake or pitchfork; preferably pitchfork to avoid disturbing seedlings. If you wish to keep it over the seed, it requires additional nitrogen and microbes to assist in decomposition. Your lawn will be a pale green shade until the straw/mulch is completely decomposed.


Remember, summer dormancy may occur; the grass may turn brown above ground. Kentucky bluegrass grass seed is capable of surviving extended drought periods and can initiate new shoot growth when moisture conditions improve.


We have been sod growing experts for decades. Feel free to call us for information on soil and optimizing the soil in your yard before installing sod from Strathroy Turf Farms.


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Type of Land Required for Sod Production

When considering soil type, look at the depth of the soil and the uniformity of both the soil depth and the depth within a field. Consider the need for tile drainage and drainage ditches as well as the feasibility of lowering the entire drainage system. Sandy loam is the best soil for sod production. Although sod will grow on muck or organic soils, the yield is much lower. Harvesting is very difficult on sod that is grown on heavy ground or clay because it gets too heavy when it is wet and too hard when it is dry.