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Open to the Public: Home owners, residential and commercial builders, and landscapers buy directly from the sod grower for quality Sod Delivery  by Strathroy Turf Farms a Division of A&M Sod Supply that was acquired in 2012.truck

Our Strathoy Sod Farm pick up address is 6297 Olde Drive, Appin, Ontario, N0L 1A0. Sod is available for pickup at this location.  Please call for sod prices and deliveries to Strathroy and surrounding area. We have advisers ready by phone or email to answer your questions before and after your turf grass delivery.
Call Strathroy Turf Farms Ltd for premium fresh cut sod grass  1-888-763-5340.

Choose Strathroy Turf Farms Ltd for your best chance at a healthy lawn with fresh cut sod carefully grown with optimal grass seed for Southern Ontario’s climate zone. A&M Sod Supply was established in 1954 and is among the oldest sod farms in Canada. A&M Sod Supply divisions continue to offer the most appropriate sod blend to the southern Ontario market with many years of success.

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4 Dimensional

See how our unique sod blend is best for you! We use a premium sod blend with a unique hybrid mix combining 4 new grass seed varieties, each with benefits for the Southwestern Ontario climate and the environment. These grass seeds are genetically developed through university testing to grow more efficiently and high performing.  Kentucky Bluegrass seed is included in the blend.

Our mix of 4 hybrid grass seeds that have an outstanding turf quality through four main features; heat tolerance, disease resistance, colour, and vigor. Heat and drought tolerance means our sod requires less watering once established. Outstanding disease and pest resistance which means less chemicals and a greener turf. An appealing dark green colour that does not require as many fertilizers to attain or maintain. Finally, vigor is a sod strength quality that self repairs in high traffic areas and uses density to fight weeds. For rankings and further information see our 4 Dimensional sod page.

We offer the best sod mixture available for a healthy lawn in London Ontario’s climate zone. If premium, healthy, lush green turf is what you are looking for, don’t settle for anything less.

We deliver sod in any amount across Southwestern Ontario. Order 24 Hours in advance for sod delivery scheduling. We deliver to most areas daily. Be prepared with area in square yards. Sod farm open to public we operate sod farms in Southwestern Ontario for a range of customers that include: retail garden centers, builders/developers, landscapers, sports fields, and home owners. We are ready and qualified for your sod project!


Did You Know?

An average healthy lawn of 50 square feet provides enough oxygen for a family of 4. An average of 8 lawns provide cooling power of approximate 70 tons of air conditioning – that’s more than 20 home air conditioner units!

There are many environmental benefits of natural grass sodding. They include water conservation, erosion control, reduced herbicide use, release oxygen and more! Sodding a lawn provides a safe area for recreational activities, for kids and sports! See more on the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario which we are a member of.

Learn more benefits of a natural grass lawn