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We frequent the Sarnia area for sod delivery serving retail centers, landscapers, home owners and developers. We deliver any volume of turf grass for your project. Choose Strathroy Turf Farms for your best chance at a healthy lawn with fresh cut sod carefully grown with optimal grass seed for Southern Ontario’s climate zone.

Our mailing address for the Sarnia area is 611 Saint Clair Street, Suite 85, Point Edward, Ontario, N7V 1P2. We service by delivery only. Sod delivery area includes Lambton County, Petrolia, Plympton-Wyoming, and surrounding areas.

We have advisers ready by phone to answer your questions before and after your turf grass delivery. Order at least 24 hours before you plan to install sod for delivery scheduling call to order.

Call Toll Free 1-888-763-5340

We produce a premium sod blend made for Southwestern Ontario’s climate called 4 Dimensional.

This hybrid blend is a mix of new seed types including Kentucky Bluegrass and is the best option for a successful lawn in the Southwestern Ontario climate zone. Our 4 Dimensional Sod blend has four leading features that have been genetically developed to be more efficient than older traditional seeds; heat tolerance, disease resistance, colour and vigour.

  • Heat and drought tolerance is beneficial in an established lawn to conserve water, this attribute in our blend is ranked 5/5 in University testing.
  • Disease and pest resistance fights unwanted diseases that grasses are exposed to, this blend also fights browning caused by lawn diseases with it’s built in pest resistance.
  • With less fertilizing rounds than comparable blends, our sod blend maintains an appealing lush dark green colour that excels in full sun or shaded areas.
  • Vigour is a strength quality in natural grass, this blend self repairs in high traffic areas and fights weeds from establishing.


You can have confidence that our 4 Dimensional sod blend will perform well for you to be proud of your sodded area.

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Did You Know?

A natural grass lawn is a much cooler surface on a hot summer day. Through transpiration cooling on a hot summer day a grass lawn can be 10 to 14 degrees cooler than bare soil. Grass can be up to 30 degrees cooler than asphalt or cement. Not only does grass have a cooler surface, it also reduces glare and acts as a cushion for sports fields and other outdoor activities. Easy on the eyes and the joints too!

There are many environmental benefits of grass sodding. They include water conservation, erosion control, reduced herbicide use, release oxygen and more! Sodding a lawn provides a safe area for recreational activities, for kids and sports! See more turf grass benefits here or on the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario which we are a member of.

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