Details On Our Sod Blend

A Brouwer RoboMax John Deere automatic stacking harvester in a sod field. This is an example of the equipment we use on our sod farm for premium quality sod rolls.

The Process

Sod Farm Equipment

Sod Growers Soil Balance

Type of Land Required for Sod Production When considering soil type, look at the depth of the soil and the uniformity of both the soil depth and the depth within a field. 

Consider the need for tile drainage and drainage ditches as well as the feasibility of lowering the entire drainage system. Sandy loam is the best soil for sod production. Although sod will grow on muck or organic soils, the yield is much lower. Harvesting is very difficult on sod that is grown on heavy ground or clay because it gets too heavy when it is wet and too hard when it is dry.

Stated as such with the OMAFRA (government website – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs):


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Attention Landscapers: A landscaper’s reputation relies on quality products and services that will perform highly for customers so they will be happy with your services and recommend to friends. You need to provide quality sod at an affordable price. We offer a premium sod with great features that appeal to residential customers. We deliver any amount of sod to job sites when you need it. We also offer grass seeds, fertilizers and continual fertilizer programs. Your credibility relies on the quality of sod you lay, chose Strathroy Turf Farms and order in advance.

To Order Sod Call Toll Free 1-888-763-5340

We deliver sod in any amount across Southwestern Ontario. Order 24 Hours in advance for sod delivery scheduling. We deliver to most areas daily. Be prepared with area in square yards. Sod farm open to public we operate sod farms in Southwestern Ontario for a range of customers that include: retail garden centers, builders/developers, landscapers, sports fields, and home owners. We have been sod growing experts for decades. Feel free to call us for information on soil and optimizing the soil in your yard before installing sod from Strathroy Turf Farms Divisions.

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