Our Sod Blend


We use a premium sod blend with a unique hybrid mix combining new grass seed varieties, each with benefits for the Southwestern Ontario climate and the environment. These grass seeds are genetically developed through university testing to grow more efficiently and high performing.  Kentucky Bluegrass seed is included in the blend.

The main benefits from our unique 4 Dimensional sod blend are:


Our sod blend includes drought and heat tolerance features that result in less water consumption. In University testing, seeds in our blend were rated 5/5 stars for heat and drought tolerance which is classified as outstanding. Water conservation is a necessity in most conditions. Root systems must be established to reach point of water conservation, see our water schedule.


Our hybrid mix of grass seeds is ranked first against disease resistance. A list of the diseases that our blend is resistant to includes: Colour disease such as Microdium, Fusarium Pink Snow mold, Spring Melt Out, Leaf Spot, Leaf Rust, Dollar Spot, Anthracnose, Necrotic Ring Spot, Summer Patch, Powdery Mildew, Red thread, resistant to Bill bugs and Typhula blight. This quality fights browning  caused by lawn diseases with it’s built in pest resistance.

Essentially, better disease resistance means fewer chemicals and a greener lush turf.


The grass seed that produces the darker green colour has been genetically modified to be more efficient than older traditional types of grass seeds. Through improved genetics, sod seed has advanced to produce a richer, greener colour naturally which means that less fertilization is required to achieve this dark green appearance. To view the quality and colour of our sod, visit Kettle Creek Golf & Country Club in Port Stanley, we manage this dark green shade with just two fertilizings per year on our fairways. We are experts in consulting for a range of projects that require sod, contact our staff for more information.


Under ideal conditions, our seeds germinate in as little as seven days. These aggressive sod types create deep root systems and quick establishment which means less watering required. The vigorous growth helps rejuvenate and repair the lawn after excessive wear and tear in areas such as sports fields. With vigorous establishment your lawn will be able to ward off weeds that try to form. Slow growing grass types allow space and time for weeds to establish, you can avoid this with the vigor quality in our sod blend.

This strong quality also encourages sod to grow well in shaded or full sun areas. This hybrid sod blend is among the few grass seeds that excel in full sun and shaded areas. If your area has both of these qualities you will have a healthy lawn by choosing our sod.

Basically, a quick growing grass repairs faster and keeps weeds from growing. This blend is great for sports fields, areas for children or pets as it creates a durable self repairing lawn. Slow growing blends allow weeds to grow in place of grass, therefore less chemicals are required with our 4 Dimensional sod blend.


Why Chose Our 4 Dimensional Sod

Our premium sod blend is the best chance your lawn has to be successful and healthy in Southwestern Ontario. Our unique blend offers water conservation, less chemicals, less fertilizers, the ability to self repair,  fight weeds and grows in full sun or shade while maintaining an attractive lush green colour. Rigorous testing has developed the optimal sod blend for our area and you get to enjoy the benefits.

University testing concludes our 4 Dimensional blend has superior sod strength, fine lush texture, excellent density, and a beautiful deep colour. If your sodded lawn area will have full sun and shaded areas, this sod blend will flourish and is among the few sods that have been developed to. If your are looking for any of these qualities choose our sod and have it delivered directly where you need it.

These features are based on well established mature lawns to reach water conservation. See our watering schedule page for our suggested new sod watering schedule. Your new sod lawn will be durable in just a few weeks. If you will be installing sod on your own, see our sod installation page. For a list of how a sodded lawn can benefit you and the environment see our sod benefits page.

Our reputable grass seed supplier is Jacklin Seed Company. Jacklin® is known as the world leader in breeding and production of Kentucky bluegrass varieties.


jacklin grass seed

Sod Farm Equipment

See below for a demonstration of a Brouwer RoboMax John Deere automatic stacking harvester in a sod field. This is an example of the equipment we use on our sod farm for premium quality sod rolls.


Sod Growers Soil Balance

Type of Land Required for Sod Production When considering soil type, look at the depth of the soil and the uniformity of both the soil depth and the depth within a field. Consider the need for tile drainage and drainage ditches as well as the feasibility of lowering the entire drainage system. Sandy loam is the best soil for sod production. Although sod will grow on muck or organic soils, the yield is much lower. Harvesting is very difficult on sod that is grown on heavy ground or clay because it gets too heavy when it is wet and too hard when it is dry.

Stated as such with the OMAFRA (government website – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs):


Attention Landscapers: A landscaper’s reputation relies on quality products and services that will perform highly for customers so they will be happy with your services and recommend to friends. You need to provide quality sod at an affordable price. We offer a premium sod with great features that appeal to residential customers. We deliver any amount of sod to job sites when you need it. We also offer grass seeds, fertilizers and continual fertilizer programs. Your credibility relies on the quality of sod you lay, chose Strathroy Turf Farms and order in advance.

To Order Sod Call Toll Free 1-888-763-5340

We deliver sod in any amount across Southwestern Ontario. Order 24 Hours in advance for sod delivery scheduling. We deliver to most areas daily. Be prepared with area in square yards. Sod farm open to public we operate sod farms in Southwestern Ontario for a range of customers that include: retail garden centers, builders/developers, landscapers, sports fields, and home owners. We have been sod growing experts for decades. Feel free to call us for information on soil and optimizing the soil in your yard before installing sod from Strathroy Turf Farms Divisions.

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