sod rolls, london sod, ontario sod, ontario sod rolls, ontario sod farm, sod farm, sod palletWhat is sod?

The definition of sod: Turf grass sod is known as a mature grass cover produced by a specific agricultural process.
Sod is removed intact with a minimal amount of soil and transported to the area that needs grass!
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Visit this page to see the 4 features of our unique sod blend and why it is best for your project in Southwestern Ontario.

How to Install Sod

Soil preparation, how to lay sod rolls and how to care for freshly laid sod. If you are considering laying your own sod, check out this page.

New Sod Watering 

Watering within the first 1/2 hour of turf grass installation is the most important. See more tips here. 

There are many benefits for you and the environment by sodding your lawn or area. Find out what they are here.

If you prefer to start your project with grass seed we sell our 4 Dimensional sod blend seed by the pound. We deliver grass seed to your location with purchase of sod. 

Sod Farm Background

A&M Sod Supply was established in 1954 and is currently among the oldest sod farms in Canada still owned and operated by family generations. See how we've expanded and grown in Southwestern Ontario. 

Call to submit an order and schedule delivery. See this page to calculate your lawn area in square yards.

Sod Projects

Through our many years of business we have seen many different types of projects. Call our staff for project planning assistance.